2018 Swap – Underway

Small Entrance

Day One

Things are off to a great start, with traders from fifteen states making an appearance.

Day Two

After a breakfast at 0800, the pin trading resumed.

Lunch at 12:00 briefly interrupted the trading, but it resumed with vigor afterwards.  By about 1500, the trading had slowed, and some traders began to pack up their gear.  Several hours of socializing commenced while everyone waited for dinner.

Following dinner, the famous Tuesday Night Auction commenced.  Some slower bidding near the beginning of the auction were quickly replaced by some active bidding as several rarely seen Presidential Award medals reached the block, and then again when the (yyy) Silver pin came up.  Despite being hampered by the antics of Gene, the auctioneer pulled off a successful auction.

Day Three

While the weather outside may consist mainly of rain, the people inside were full of sunshine, at least once the coffee began to flow.


(more photos to come soon)